USG Industrial Utilities to use green wind energy supplied by Eneco at Chemelot industrial park

USG Industrial Utilities (USG) and Eneco have joined forces to further improve the sustainability of energy consumption of Chemelot industrial park in Geleen. Starting January 2022, some 350 GWh of sustainable wind energy generated by Fryslân wind farm will be supplied to USG each year. This capacity corresponds to the production of 21 wind turbines.

By entering into a corporate Power Purchase Agreement with Eneco, USG will have access to approximately 90 MW of the installed capacity of Fryslân wind farm for the next fifteen years, to be used for its own production processes and by its customers such as AnQore. This agreement marks a significant step towards achieving the shared ambition of the companies at Chemelot industrial park, which is to become the safest, most sustainable and most competitive chemical site in Europe by 2025.

USG is the supplier of utilities such as gas, water, steam and electricity for the Chemelot industrial park in Geleen, a city in the southern tip of the Netherlands. Sustainability plays a prominent role at USG. The aim is not only for the company to improve its own sustainability as much as possible, but also to actively contribute to improving sustainability at Chemelot with the ultimate goal of being climate neutral by 2050.

Wouter Vermijs, Managing Director USG: “By entering into this long-term agreement, USG and Eneco are taking an important first step towards improving the sustainability of energy consumption for USG’s customers at Chemelot. At the same time, we are making sure that we are doing this by means of wind energy generated by a new Dutch wind farm.”  

Fryslân wind farm
Fryslân wind farm located in lake IJsselmeer came on stream recently. The 89 Wind turbines have a combined installed green wind-energy capacity of 382.7 MW. Eneco is going to procure electricity from Fryslân wind farm for a period of fifteen years. Nearly a quarter of this electricity will be supplied to USG Industrial Utilities and its customers. In addition to business customers, Eneco is also going to offer the sustainable power to households in the province of Friesland.

Kees Jan Rameau, Chief Strategic Growth Officer Eneco: “Against the background of our ambition to accelerate the energy transition, collaboration with major industrial partners is important. USG Industrial Utilities is a partner that can truly make a difference and I am proud that Eneco has the opportunity to contribute to this. Together we will be able to lower CO2 emissions at Chemelot significantly with the use of the sustainable energy generated by Fryslân wind farm.”

Pieter Boon, CEO AnQore B.V.: “This agreement contributes to the fact that, from 2022, 100% of the electricity consumed by AnQore will be produced from renewable sources.  Renewable electricity is an important step towards reduction of our CO2 emissions. Being a producer of acrylonitrile, we are proud that carbon fibre, which is crucial for reinforcing wind turbine blades, is made from acrylonitrile; a powerful example of circularity within the supply chain.”

Loek Radix, Executive Director Chemelot: “This agreement is yet another good step towards making Chemelot fully circular, on its way to becoming the most sustainable chemical and materials site in Europe."