Up to 60% reduction of gas consumption with innovative solution Eneco


Today, Eneco introduces the innovative HeatWinner, which enables average households with a central heating boiler to reduce their gas consumption by up to 60%. This means that consumers can save up to 250 euro on their annual energy bill. 

The HeatWinner is a compact heat pump that uses heat obtained from ventilation air to heat the house. The installation is about the size of an average moving box and is installed next to the central heating boiler. Most of the heat is then supplied by the HeatWinner instead of the boiler, as a result of which, the boiler uses 40 to 60 percent less gas. The central heating boiler is only used in peak load situations such a very cold winter days. Since the electricity used by the HeatWinner is amply compensated by the significant reduction in gas consumption, it is expected that average households can save up to 250 euro on their annual energy bill. This benefit is made extra clear with the use of Eneco's intelligent thermostat Toon, which is able to monitor the performance of the HeatWinner.

Millions of households
Eneco introduces the innovative heat pump to make Dutch households less dependent on gas. Jeroen de Haas, chairman of the Board of Management of Eneco Group: ‘The heat demand of consumers is one of the biggest challenges in the transition to sustainable energy. A challenge that we cannot solve in the short term and on a large scale by using solar and wind energy or residual heat. Millions of Dutch households have a central heating boiler and an average of 1400 cubic metres of gas per household per year is used for cooking, heating and showering. With this innovation, these households can reduce their gas consumption by half. This is in line with our goal to enhance the sustainability of the energy system and our focus on energy efficiency.’

Eneco developed the HeatWinner in collaboration with Inventum, a company with more than 100 years of experience in the area of household appliances, including heat pumps. The HeatWinner can easily be installed in virtually all houses that have a central heating boiler.The first two HeatWinners were installed in the homes of consumers in December of last year. The first series of HeatWinners will be produced during the coming months and Eneco expects that the product will be available as of this summer.

More information
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