Smart charging app now available for all Tesla drivers


Jedlix makes its smart charging app available to all Tesla drivers as of today. A previously conducted test among 40 Tesla drivers demonstrated that the app increases the share of renewable energy in the battery and reduces costs. Jedlix is a subsidiary of renewable energy company Eneco. Its mission is that, in time, all cars will run on renewable energy. 

Jorg van Heesbeen, manager Business Development at Jedlix: "Our software creates a direct link between electric cars and the supply of renewable energy. This increases the sustainability of the charging process. Use of the app also reduces the costs of electric driving, because the app determines the lowest rate during the charging period. The results of a previously conducted test among 40 Tesla drivers show that savings on charging costs can be as high as 15%. The app also provides the possibility of smart home charging at no additional costs."

According to Van Heesbeen the sustainability aspect appeals to many Tesla drivers. The more than 6,000 Tesla's in the Netherlands account for nearly half of the total number of fully electric cars in our country. With a combined peak capacity of around 60 MW, these cars have the potential to accelerate the integration of solar and wind power. Consequently, they also contribute to emission-free mobility. In the future, our service can also be used to prevent congestion on the low-voltage grid, should this become relevant.

Jedlix's smart charging app is named #ichargesmart and is available for both iOS and Android mobile phones.




About Jedlix

Jedlix was named after the inventor of the electric motor, Anyos Jedlik. Its smart charging service was introduced to the market in April 2016, when it became available via the public smart charging spots of Elaad and the province of Noord Brabant. Jedlix also collaborates with Living Lab Smart Charging, Renault and BMW in the field of smart charging. Jedlix won the ICT Environment Award 2016 in September and has been nominated for the Energy App Award that will be presented at the E-World Fair in February 2017. Jedlix is a subsidiary of renewable energy company Eneco.