Roamler users to install Toon thermostat

Eneco and Roamler together create new platform for small technical jobs


Eneco and tech company Roamler join forces with the aim to let users of the Roamler app carry out technical jobs in the homes of customers. To this end, the companies have created a new platform: Roamler Tech. Eneco posted the first job on the new platform: the installation of its intelligent thermostat Toon. The results of a pilot test with the platform in the municipality of The Hague were positive.

Roamler, which is based in Amsterdam, offers smartphone owners the possibility to earn money by carrying out simple tasks. The retail market forms the basis of the company. In this field, users of the Roamler app - 'Roamlers'- receive compensation for activities such as taking and submitting photographs of specific shelves in grocery stores. Business customers, such as Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble, use this information to randomly check the quality of their contracts with supermarkets.

Pilot test in The Hague
For some time, Roamler has had the ambition to expand its horizon by carrying out more complex tasks. In connection with this, Eneco and Roamler started a pilot test in The Hague in the fall of 2015 that resulted in the installation of a large number of Toon thermostats by Roamlers. The Eneco customers concerned reported that they were very satisfied, in part because Roamler made it possible to install the thermostat within two days after the order was placed. Another advantage is that the Roamler app allows customers to select a limited time slot in which the installation will take place, which means they only need to be home for two hours at most.

Jeroen ten Haave, CEO of Roamler: ‘We are very proud that, in addition to our retail activities, we now also offer installation activities via our mobile platform in collaboration with Eneco. This also forms an important step in the achievement of our mission: changing the way in which people work. In the vicinity, at a time that is convenient to them and for a reasonable fee.’ For Eneco, the collaboration in Roamler Tech is in line with the company's ambition to make Toon a leading platform on the international market. Hans Valk, Director Eneco Innovation & Ventures: ‘This collaboration makes it possible to accelerate the installation of Toon and Toon-related products such as smoke detectors and Philips Hue lighting. Not just in The Netherlands, but also in the 14 other countries in which Roamler operates.’

Roamler Tech
The agreement for collaboration in the new Roamler Tech platform was signed by both companies today. Eneco is the first company to post a job on the platform: the installation of the Toon thermostat. Roamler Tech will seek additional business customers that wish to offer similar jobs in and around the house in this manner.