Official opening Eneco Bio Golden Raand in Delfzijl

Many visitors during open day largest bio-energy power plant in Benelux


Today, more than 2,500 people visited the open day organised by Eneco in connection with the opening of the Bio Golden Raand bio-energy power plant. The overwhelming interest exceeds all expectations. The official opening was performed yesterday by Yvonne van Mastrigt, member of the Provincial Executive Committee. Today, visitors were welcome between 11 am and 4 pm to view the power plant in operation from up close and to witness the process of generating green electricity from woodchips.

All through the day, groups of visitors were shown around. After taking a look at the large piles of woodchips and storage silos, they were allowed to enter the plant where the control room, turbine building and boiler room were partially open to the public.

Eneco Bio Golden Raand is the largest and most efficient bio-energy power plant in the Benelux. In the plant, which is located in the port area of the municipality of Delfzijl, scrap wood and wood waste are converted to green electricity. The capacity of the plant is comparable with the electricity consumption of approximately 120,000 households. This requires no less than 50 truckloads of wood per day or approximately 300,000 tons of wood per year.

The plant offers direct employment for thirty people and is in line with Eneco’s strategy to enhance the sustainability of the energy supply. An increasingly larger share of the power that the energy company produces for its customers is generated by means of wind turbines and solar energy and biomass installations. The plant in Delfzijl is a significant step forward for Eneco.