Launch of platform to get a grip on energy costs

Paying energy bills is becoming increasingly difficult for people with a low income. Households for which this becomes a problem often do not know that help is available, or what that help is. To assist with this, Geldfit, SchuldenLabNL and energy suppliers Eneco, Essent, Greenchoice and Vattenfall are launching an online platform today. At (in Dutch), people can gain insight into the steps they can take themselves and the help available from energy suppliers and municipalities.

Rising energy prices mean that more than half a million households in the Netherlands are now experiencing energy poverty. In addition, a growing number of middle-income households have also been experiencing financial problems since the rise in energy prices. This is leading to an increasing number of customer inquiries to the energy suppliers. And more and more people are calling 0800-8115, Geldfit's telephone number. This was the reason for the initiators to develop an online platform where people can quickly find clear information about how they can deal with the increased energy prices.  

Frederieke Kokol (Geldfit) explains: ''Two thirds of the people who came into contact with Geldfit in recent months had questions about the high energy prices. At we can answer their questions in an accessible way, and they immediately see what help is available in their situation.”

Help with rising energy costs
The online platform helps visitors to get a grip on rising energy costs. They receive advice appropriate to their situation. This varies from tips on what you can do yourself to save energy, to actual help. For example, people in a growing number of municipalities can get in touch with an energy coach in their area, or make payment arrangements with the energy supplier.

At they can also see clearly who is entitled to an energy allowance from the municipality. The rules vary according to the municipality in terms of where someone can apply for an energy allowance and what the conditions are. The 'VoorzieningenWijzer' [Facilities Guide] provides a clear overview of information on the energy allowance per municipality and shows people the way in finding and applying for the allowance.

It is also possible to get help via Geldfit with getting your finances in order, from local volunteers to debt counselling in the municipality. At, people can see which help they are eligible for.