Jeppe Machielsen leaving Eneco

Appointment of Guido Dubbeld as new CFO of Eneco Group

Jeppe Machielsen, member of the Board of Mangement / CFO of Eneco Holding N.V., will be leaving Eneco as of 1 April 2011. His departure conicides with a new period for Eneco group now that the unbundling did not take place at the end of 2010. In consultation with the Supervisory Board, Machielsen has decided to focus on a new challenge outside of Eneco. The Supervisory Board is grateful for his contribution to the company during the past six years as a member of the Board of Management and wishes him a lot of success in the future.

Guido Dubbeld

Guido Dubbeld will be appointed as a member of the Board of Management / CFO of Eneco Holding N.V. as of 1 April 2011. Mr Dubbeld has extensive knowledge of and experience in the financial sector and the energy sector. He joined Eneco in 2002 and held the positions of Risk Manager and Manager Finance & Control. As from 2007, he has been working as the Director of Eneco Energy Trade, the division that forms the link between the market and the production facilities of Eneco. Before Mr Dubbeld entered the employment of Eneco, he worked for various financial institutions. He studied Economics, with a specialisation in International Finance, at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

The position of Director of Eneco Energy Trade will temporarily be fulfilled by Mr Robert de Boer.