Hybrid energy storage system increases wind farm efficiency

In the municipality of Heerhugowaard S4 Energy is going to be testing a hybrid energy storage system designed to ensure a steady flow of energy at Luna Wind Farm. The innovative system consists of a combination of a battery and a KINEXT flywheel system. In addition to creating this optimised flow of energy, the purpose of this system is to maintain grid frequency at a stable 50 Hz at all times, also when there is no wind, thus allowing this Eneco-managed wind farm to deliver sustainable energy to the grid even more efficiently.

S4_HeerhugowaardWith this innovative pilot project, S4 Energy and Eneco are aiming for an energy storage system that will increase the net result of wind farms by improving the output profile of the wind turbines while limiting the imbalance in the supply of and demand for sustainable energy and potentially preventing curtailment.  

Longer service life
The combination of a battery and the KINEXT flywheels makes it possible to respond instantly to variations in the grid frequency by supplying sufficient power. The KINEXT flywheels also extend the life of the batteries. The flywheels can deliver or withdraw large volumes to and from the network in a short period of time, which greatly reduces the load on the batteries and maintains the charging status of the batteries at around 50%. This extends the life of the battery system.

This project received a DEI subsidy from RVO, the Dutch Enterprise Agency.  In addition, the project is co-financed by the Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland [province of Noord Holland Sustainable Economy Participation Fund], which as an impact investor has been involved in the development of the S4 Energy system since 2018.

Commercial Director S4 Energy, Dominique Becker Hoff: “Heerhugowaard is the first location where we are installing an integrated energy storage system that is connected directly to a wind farm. By applying the experience that we have gained with our other energy storage systems to this project, we are all set to accelerate our business and expand our services.”

Commercial Director Eneco Energy Trade, Lucien Wiegers: "In order to integrate sustainable energy production facilities into our energy system, it is vital that we are able to adapt to variations in energy supply and demand. S4 Energy’s system offers the combination of storage and an instantly balanced energy flow from a wind farm. This is yet another important step forward.”

Joost de Waard, Investment Manager PDENH: "Because we believe that these types of systems are necessary for large-scale deployment of renewable energy sources, we have been on board with S4 Energy as a financier since 2018. Nice to see that the installation in Heerhugowaard is now live."