Goossens, abrdn and Eneco working together on sustainability with 6,228 solar panels

The 6,228 solar panels on abrdn’s warehouse in the municipality of Veghel have recently come on stream. The development of this project is the result of close collaboration between furniture company Goossens, abrdn and Eneco. From now on, the solar power installation installed by Eneco will be producing around 2,287,000 kWh of sustainably generated solar energy per year. This means that the entire building complex switches to renewable energy. This is an important step in Goossens’ ambition to reduce the company’s negative impact on the environment to zero before 2030.

The warehouse in Veghel has a rooffloor area of 31,000 m2. This makes the building owned by abrdn a perfect spot for generating solar energy. In close cooperation, Goossens, abrdn and Eneco have investigated the best way to position the solar panels so as to generate sufficient sustainable energy for the location. Seeing that the annual energy consumption is around 1,300,000 kWh, the 2,287,000 kWh that will be generated will be enough to also make other Goossens locations energy neutral.

As the third generation within our family business, I consider this to be an opportunity to actually implement our sustainable business strategy: in the furniture we supply and the way in which our business processes are set up. This is why we have entered into a partnership with Eneco for the installation and operation of a solar power installation that allows us to conduct our business using  carbon-neutral solar energy from now on”, says Bart Goossens, managing director Goossens.

The duration of the collaboration agreement between the three partners is 20 years. During this period, Eneco will be in charge of all the management and maintenance aspects of the solar power installation.