Google and Eneco working together to make Eemshaven data centre power more sustainable

Google and Eneco have concluded a corporate Power Purchase Agreement (cPPA) for the supply of approximately 0.5 TWh of sustainable electricity with a capacity of 153 MW per year for a period of 10 years. The power will be supplied by Fryslân wind farm and Kroningswind wind farm.

By 2030, Google aims to be able to offer its services using only CO2-free energy, 24 hours a day. An important part of this is that the data centres and offices run on sustainable energy. The data centre in Eemshaven already partly uses sustainable energy, but as a result of this PPA it will operate on 80% sustainably generated energy in 2024. Google will receive 288 GWh per year from Fryslân wind farm with a capacity of 73.5 MW. Kroningswind wind farm will supply 227 GWh annually with a capacity of 79.8 MW. 

Martijn Bertisen, VP Google Nederland: “Sustainability has been one of Google's core values ​​since its inception. Since then, we have been at the forefront of achieving a carbon-free future for over a decade. The digital and green transformation go hand in hand. Digital solutions, such as working from home or smart thermostats, play an important facilitating role for at least 20-25% of the reductions needed to achieve a net-zero economy in Europe. Our ambition to run completely on carbon-free energy by 2030, wherever and whenever in the world, will require intensive cooperation with major energy companies such as Eneco, who are jointly committed to long-term sustainable energy goals.” 

Kees-Jan Rameau, COO Integrated Energy at Eneco: “Google is committed to offering all its services energy-neutral. That is a valuable goal that Eneco is happy to contribute to by supplying sustainable energy, together with the Fryslân and Kroningswind wind farms. We are accelerating the energy transition with large impactful companies such as Google, which actively contribute to making energy systems more sustainable.”