Evelop and Ecostream continue under Eneco flag

Major step in integration process

On 1 June, Evelop (developer of wind energy) and Ecostream (supplier of solar power systems) introduce a new house style. Eneco acquired these two companies last year, after the bankruptcy of parent company Econcern. With this step, the two now also publically show that they are part of Eneco; the Netherlands’ largest independent energy company that strives to become 100% sustainable.


The brand Evelop ceases to exist as of 1 June. The close cooperation between Evelop and Eneco Wind since the acquisition, has led to the expansion of the position in the area of the development, construction and maintenance of onshore and offshore wind farms in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The best of both worlds has now been combined in Eneco’s effective and market oriented business unit Wind. The new combination was immediately successful last year. It won the tender for a 900 MegaWatt wind farm off the British coast.Together with Eneco, Evelop had already developed and realised the Princess Amalia Wind Farm off the coast of IJmuiden and has a 2500 MegaWatt project portfolio.


Ecostream has already been active on the international solar energy market for more than 20 years. It has a good reputation and high brand awareness in, in particular, Germany, France and Belgium. For that reason, Ecostream will keep its own brand name until 2012. The logo will be transformed to match Eneco’s corporate style to make it clear that the company is part of the Eneco business unit Solar, Bio and Hydro. The first main presentation of Ecostream’s new corporate identity takes place in the beginning of June at Intersolar, the largest European fair in the area of solar energy that takes place in Munich.Ecostream is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of solar energy systems. In addition to extensive experience, expertise and market knowledge, the company also has a team of specialists and an efficient partner network.


The internationally renowned energy consultancy agency Ecofys, another acquired part of Econcern, will now, and in the future, be positioned at a distance from the rest of Eneco, both from an operational and a governance point of view.

Corporate style

Eneco's corporate style represents the decentralised generation of energy, progress and optimism. The globules depict movement and energy. It is as though the flows of energy particles, that can be found on many forms of communication, lead you to the future.