Eneco's variable energy tariffs remain below price ceiling in June

The tariffs for Eneco customers who will be paying new variable tariffs as of June, will be below the price ceiling. The tariffs set for Variabel Vrij contracts (contracts with a variable tariff and an indefinite term) are € 1,32173 per m3 of gas and € 0,35280 per kWh of electricity, inclusive of energy tax and 21% VAT. From that moment, the tariffs of nearly all of Eneco’s customers will be below the price ceiling.

Eneco’s electricity tariff dropped below the price ceiling in April. In May and June the tariffs for both gas and electricity are below the price ceiling. 

Variabele tarieven jan-juni 2023 EN

The variable tariff for June will apply for approximately one-third of the customers with a variable contract. Customers will receive the tariff information 30 days ahead of the date on which the new tariff becomes effective.