Eneco’s heat prices remain well below cap set by ACM

For Eneco customers who are connected to a heat network, in 2022 the costs for heat will increase by an average of €22.62 per month compared with the year before. This amount is inclusive of the government compensation scheme. This means that the prices will remain well below the price caps set by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) for 2022. Customers will be informed in January about the prices that will apply for them specifically.  

 Eneco has determined that the variable costs for heat will be €43.76 per gigajoule. In order to limit the increase in the total costs for heat, Eneco will keep the fixed price components the same as in 2021. In addition, household energy bills will include government compensation in 2022 in connection with the higher energy prices.  Unfortunately, this means that not only customers with a gas connection, but also customers who are connected to a heat network will be faced with higher costs.

No more than gas
In the Netherlands, the higher gas and electricity prices also result in higher prices for heat. This is because the purchase of heat is related to the gas prices and the heat rates for households are regulated according to the No More Than Otherwise principle compared to gas. As a result, a heat customer does not pay more for his heat than with a central heating system on gas.

Check against ACM prices
A check of Eneco’s heat prices based on the price caps set by the ACM on 23 December 2021 has shown that, also in 2022, our prices will again be well below the statutory price levels. 

2022 price caps set by ACM (incl. VAT)Eneco’s prices for 2022 (incl. VAT)
Variable costs €/GJ€         53.95 Variable costs €/GJ€              43.76 
Fixed costs €/year€       494.58 Fixed costs €/year€            403.58 
Metering costs €/year€         27.47 Metering costs €/year€              26.83 
Rent CW4 heat exchanger €/year€       131.16 Rent CW4 heat exchanger €/year€            125.50 
Total at consumption of 28 GJ*€    2,163.92 Total at consumption of 28 GJ*€         1,781.19 
Total incl. €265 increase of tax credit**€    1,898.92 Total incl. €265 increase of tax credit**€         1,516.19

* Average consumption of Eneco customers is 28 GJ.
** The government compensation consists of a reduction in the energy tax on electricity and an increase of the tax credit by € 265, - to meet the increasing costs for heating. This is calculated via the electricity contract.