Eneco to install 240 charging connections this year at Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands and Belgium

Albert Heijn and Eneco will be working together on the installation of rapid charging stations at Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Before the end of this year, 120 rapid charging stations with a total of 240 charging connections will be available for customers of the supermarket chain to charge their cars. Naturally, this is only the beginning. By 2025, Albert Heijn will have at least 2,000 charging connections. This way, both Albert Heijn and Eneco put their sustainability ambitions into practice.

Charging the battery when shopping for groceries
By installing these charging stations, Albert Heijn makes it easier for its customers to make a rational decision to use a sustainable form of transport to come to the store, in addition, of course, to cycling or walking. The installation of the charging stations is the supermarket chain’s response to the growing number of electric vehicles in its parking lots. By using the rapid charging station while shopping groceries at Albert Heijn, you efficiently charge the battery of your car; a desired solution for customers. In addition, customers charge with 100% green electricity with Eneco HollandseWind. 

Greener future
Joris Laponder, CCO of Eneco eMobility: “We are very proud of this collaboration and look forward to contributing to a greener future for the Netherlands and Belgium together with Albert Heijn. This collaboration is an important step in the transition to cleaner mobility.

"We are also extremely proud of this collaboration in which we make fast charging accessible to our customers. In this way we help our customers to become more sustainable," says Rob Heesen, Director of Foodservice & Concepts at Albert Heijn.