Eneco to connect properties in The Hague to sustainable energy supply

In The Hague, property developer Stebru and Eneco are working together. The project ‘Frank is een Binck’* is going to be connected to BinckNet® and a thermal energy storage unit will be installed at the ‘Maestro and ‘Levels’ projects. With this new step, 1141 homes and 9,311 m2 new construction commercial property in the Hague will be connected to a sustainable energy supply.

BinckNet: a smart energy network
A smart network for heating and cooling that will be available from 2024 is going to ensure that the Binckhorst district of The Hague will be carbon free in the future. This BinckNet is smart because it optimises the use of a number of local sources in relation to the demand for heating and cooling from end users. BinckNet will be expanded flexibly at the same rate at which the homes are being constructed and, in the end, will interconnect all the energy networks of the properties in this city district. All the energy needed in this district will be generated and stored locally. This not only includes solutions such as thermal storage and heat pumps, but also the use of aquathermal and/or geothermal energy. In the future, sustainable heat from BinckNet will be supplied to existing homes, businesses and facilities without the need for major changes. The result will be a sustainable, affordable and local energy supply that will provide a comfortable indoor climate: heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Stebru and Eneco
Project developer Stebru and Eneco will start with three new construction projects in The Hague: FIEB, Maestro and Levels. This is the first step. The collaboration will be expanded in the future so new projects can also be connected to the sustainable energy supply. Bas Snijders, Deputy Director Development at Stebru, and Martijn van der Zande, Commercial Director Heat & Cold at Eneco, signed an agreement to this effect at the Provanda Property Event at the RAI on 27 October.

Start 2021
Realisation of the three projects will start this month with the project ‘Frank is een Binck’ and will be completed in phases. ‘Frank is een Binck’ will be completed in the second quarter of 2024. Following the completion of ‘Maestro’ and ‘Levels’ in 2025.

* The name describes the genesis of the project: to give the demolished and for decades stored steel skeleton of a youth hostel designed by Frank van Klingeren on the Ockenburgh estate a new purpose.