Eneco offers one-year fixed-price contract with tariffs below price ceiling

On 3 April, Eneco will again start offering one-year fixed-price gas and electricity contracts with tariffs that are below the price ceiling, giving consumers certainty about their monthly energy costs for a period of twelve months. Customers will pay € 0.36894 per kWh of electricity and € 1.40387 per m3 of gas, including energy tax and 21% VAT.  

The lower prices and purchasing risks on the international energy market make it possible for Eneco to again start offering fixed-price contracts: with a one-year or a six-month term. An additional advantage for customers is that prices are below the price ceiling. This means that customers will always be paying the tariffs stated in the contract, regardless of their consumption levels.

For the fixed-price contracts that Eneco currently offers, a fine of € 50 per electricity or gas contract applies in the event of early termination.

Limited availability
The number of 6-month fixed-price contracts is limited for now. Both energy prices in the procurement market and the demand for fixed-price contracts are unpredictable. We will adjust prices and availability accordingly on a weekly basis.