Eneco new sustainable business partner of RECRON

Sustainable energy solutions enrich recreation sector


On 1 October 2012, Eneco became the new business partner of RECRON, the Dutch association of entrepreneurs in the recreation sector. The partnership with Eneco is an addition to existing partnerships with insurance firm Europeesche Verzekeringen and accountancy and consultancy firm Alfa Accountants & Adviseurs. Eneco is a reliable partner for the sector that can meet the sustainable ambition and energy needs of the recreation sector.

RECRON’s choice for Eneco was deliberate. “Eneco is an established Dutch energy company that supplies added value for our sector”, says Jan ten Hoor, director of RECRON Business. “Eneco is one of the cleanest energy companies in Europe that can meet the energy needs of our members in a sustainable manner. And since the most sustainable energy, is energy that is not consumed, Eneco also offers companies practical ways to save energy”.

Sustainable business is profitable
In its role as business partner, Eneco shall offer RECRON members sustainable products and services such as wind energy supplied by Dutch wind farms, Ecogas and solar panels. Where appropriate, the solutions will be targeted at the different segments within the sector. Eneco will also offer the members insight into their energy consumption and provide practical advice to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Collective services
In addition to looking after the interests of its members and knowledge development, RECRON also develops new activities that improve the profitability of RECRON entrepreneurs in the recreation sector. With the addition of Eneco as one of its business partners, RECRON enhances the collective services it provides for its members.

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