Eneco joins sustainable energy union DE Unie

DE Unie and Eneco aim for substantial growth of local energy companies


Sustainable energy union DE Unie and energy company Eneco shall be working together closely to support the fast-growing movement of local, sustainable energy cooperatives. Both parties are convinced that local initiatives play a central role in the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply in the Netherlands.

This is the first time that a Dutch energy company will collaborate with a large group of local energy cooperatives on a broad scale. The collaboration enables DE Unie to facilitate citizens and entrepreneurs wishing to establish a new or expand an existing energy cooperative in every way, and to clear the path for the rapid growth of these local energy companies. Services provided by DE Unie with the support of Eneco include local production of sustainable energy, financing, purchase of sustainable energy, technical and legal advice and local marketing activities.

Help with start-up or expansion
DE Unie provides support for the start-up and expansion of local energy cooperatives across the Netherlands since 2013. At present, DE Unie is working for 20 fast-growing local energy cooperatives including Texel Energie, Windunie and Amsterdam Energie. DE Unie director Brendan de Graaf notices an increase in questions on technical, financial and legal matters. The number of support requests from citizens and entrepreneurs is increasing rapidly. Establishing an energy company involves a wide range of aspects. Many local cooperatives need help to get started or to expand. Questions relate to matters such as the construction of a solar farm, the high-risk field of purchasing and selling energy or recruiting new members. DE Unie was established with the aim to speed up the energy transition at a local level and the expertise and strength provided by Eneco is very useful for entering the next phase. Our ultimate goal is to help each and every initiative in the Netherlands to get started and to expand.’

Local pioneers
For Eneco, this collaboration is a logical step in achieving its ambition to become the preferred partner of companies that seek to work together to accelerate the energy transition. Jeroen de Haas, chairman of the board of Eneco Group: ‘At present, there are more than three hundred local and regional energy initiatives in the Netherlands in which a number of pioneers take the energy supply into their own hands. We embrace this movement, which already contributes substantially to the increase in locally produced renewable energy from resources like solar power and wind.'

In close consultation with the members, new services will be made available to local energy cooperatives as soon as possible. These will include easy access to financing, benefits in connection with the purchase of solar panels and wind turbines and compensation for sustainably produced energy.

More information
DE Unie: +31222-760044.
Eneco: spokesperson Arie Spruit, +31621879407