Eneco invests in German Solar as a Service provider Sunvigo

Eneco invests 3.0 million Euro in German start-up Sunvigo. In 2020, this promising start-up entered the market with an innovative Solar as a Service proposition: the integration of a rooftop solar system in a power contract. This gives customers an affordable option to put solar PV on their roofs for a regular monthly fee, just like with any traditional utility.

Eneco and Sunvigo
Sunvigo has a novel customer proposition that Eneco wants to support and help develop. It makes the energy transition more accessible and helps consumers to become more sustainable even faster. This investment fits well with the continuing development of Eneco’s ventures portfolio. We also see synergy opportunities with LichtBlick, as well as with ventures portfolio company Installion.

Affordable solar energy 
Together with co-founders Bastian Bauwens and Vigen Nikogosian, Michael Peters set up Sunvigo in 2020, to provide customers with easy access to affordable solar power. The decision to put a PV-system on your roof is for many complex and costly. Bauwens, Nikogosian and Peters onboarded early investors and dozens of customers, all signing up for a Sunvigo PV system on their roof and a power contract with Sunvigo. In the first year after its foundation, the customer base of Sunvigo increased more than tenfold. Eneco is investing into Sunvigo together with renewables investor Sparta Capital and DKB bank.

Please read the full press release from Sunvigo here