Eneco invests 3.75 million euro in the Rockstart Energy Fund

Eneco is pleased to announce its decision to invest 3.75 million euro in the Rockstart Energy Fund. Rockstart, a global accelerator VC, set up its Energy Fund in 2020 to target promising startups that drive the energy transition forward. Eneco will also take a seat on the fund’s advisory board.

In the last quarter of 2020, Rockstart has launched its 22M+ Energy venture capital fund, backed by institutional investors, European family offices, informal investors and the government.
Through its Energy fund, Rockstart invests in startups contributing to the energy transition. Since it was first set up a year ago, the Energy Fund has already made 12 investments: Klimate, Technology Catalogue, Fibersail, Advanced Infrastructure, Bia, eDRV, Helio, Okto, Soolutions, Starke, Lanterne and Sympheny.

Eneco’s Senior Investment Manager Robert Blom comments: 
“Investing in the Rockstart Energy Fund will give Eneco early access to the 50 startups in Rockstart’s Energy Accelerator Program and create opportunities for Eneco to form potential partnerships and investigate possibilities for further investments.”

Rockstart co-founder and Interim Managing Partner Don Ritzen adds:
“We are pleased to welcome Eneco as our partner in the Energy Fund. Besides being one of the most sustainability-focused energy companies in the Netherlands, Eneco also has extensive experience investing in startups and an impressive track record. We believe that having Eneco as the Energy Fund’s newest partner will add substantial value to our startups and to Rockstart.”

Rockstart helps to launch purpose-driven companies on the road to success in three domains: AgriFood, Energy and Emerging Technologies. Rockstart offers an accelerator programme with a proven track record to empower startups early in their existence. It also provides further backing as an investor in subsequent rounds of fundraising, up to Series B funding.

About Eneco
Eneco invests in startups and scaleups that help to promote the energy transition in Eneco’s principal markets. Startups are a key source of innovation in moving the energy transition forwards. By investing in them, Eneco stays up-to-date on the latest developments and innovations. Following an earlier series of successful investments, in 2021 Eneco has started to build a new portfolio. Recent investments include EnergyWorx, which specialises in cloud-based data management solutions for energy companies, and the German commercial installation platform Installion.

About Rockstart
Rockstart is a global accelerator VC that empowers purpose-driven companies in three domains: AgriFood, Energy and Emerging Technologies. Through Rockstart, the startups gain access to capital, markets, communities and expertise, thanks to the introductions to investors, mentors, partners and Rockstart’s extensive network. 

Since it was first founded, Rockstart has invested in more than 250 startups. Its alumni currently represent a total value of almost 1 billion dollar. Rockstart is made up of an international team of 35+ professionals, all focusing on helping purpose-driven companies to grow and on making the world a better place. Rockstart has fostered important success stories such as Wercker, Bouw7, iClinic and (in 2021) 3D Hubs and Brincr. The firm has offices in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Bogotá (Colombia).