Eneco introduces six-month energy contract

Eneco has started to sell a fixed-price energy contract for electricity and gas. The prices, €0,40056 per kWh of electricity and €1,5266 per m3 of gas, will be fixed for six months, giving customers some certainty about their energy costs. This product is available to everyone and will start this winter. This could be of interest to consumers with consumption above the maximum consumption of the price ceiling.

The high prices in the energy market prompted Eneco to stop offering fixed-price contracts in autumn 2021, to prevent customers from having to deal with high fixed prices for a longer period of time. Now Eneco is launching a product for which tariffs will remain the same for six months. 

Longer duration
Eneco plans to start offering longer-term fixed-price contracts again, when a new policy as regards to termination fees of The Authority for Consumers & Markets comes into effect. For contracts concluded until then, the current policy will apply, under which customers face a penalty of €50 per electricity or gas contract in the case of early termination.

Price ceiling
Signing a fixed-price contract does not affect the price ceiling. The price ceiling will continue to apply for gas consumption of up to 1,200 m3 and electricity of up to 2,900 kWh. Only for the consumption above this will you pay the tariff in your contract

Limited availability
The number of 6-month fixed-price contracts is limited for now. Both energy prices in the procurement market and the potential demand for short-term fixed-price contracts are unpredictable. Based on the interest in the product, we will adjust availability accordingly on a weekly basis.