Eneco Group on track towards the new energy company

Satisfactory financial results in 2015

  • Net profit of 208 million euros
  • Revenues of 4,282 billion euros
  • EBIT of 334 million euros
  • Sustainable production capacity expanded to 1,919 MW
  • 715 million euros invested in increasing sustainability and in grids
  • Number of Toon thermostats sold increased to 225,000
  • Number of offers made for smart meters rose to 553,405

‘Welcome to the new world’ is the new motto of Eneco Group. In this new world, there is only room for sustainable energy companies that provide innovative energy services and put customers first. This is what all aspects of Eneco's strategy are aimed at. In the past year, the organisation continued its efforts aimed at achieving this ambition, with concrete results. The financial results for the past financial year were satisfactory.

Sustainability has been the central focus of Eneco's business strategy since 2007. Since then, the company has made major investments in sustainable production of electricity, heating infrastructures and smart grids. Investments in sustainable production of electricity and heating infrastructure alone totalled € 2.1 billion. Eneco's available sustainable production capacity increased from 1,680 MW at the end of 2014, to 1,919 MW (which corresponds to the electricity consumption of 1,925,000 households) on 31 December 2015. As a result of these investments, Eneco is now the most sustainable large energy company in the Netherlands.

Since 2012, Eneco also invests in the innovative Toon thermostat platform, which can be found on the walls of 225,000 living rooms in the Netherlands. The sustainable foundation of the company and the focus on innovation form the basis for Eneco's current transformation into a sustainable and future-proof energy services company. The tangible results achieved by in the organisation in the past year accelerate this transformation.

Attached is the full press release including financial statements.