Guido Dubbeld, CFO Eneco Groep
‘We have now cut our tariffs for electricity and gas for the eighth time in a row. This is good news for our customers. Fortunately, we have been able to make this up to a large extent since purchase prices for energy have also fallen. A reduction of some 200 FTEs in our workforce meant that the employee benefits expenses were also lower. Against this, a higher level of operations, such as the roll-out of smart meters, the sale of the Toon intelligent thermostat and the construction of new wind farms, involved an increase in external costs.’
Guido Dubbeld, CFO Eneco Groep
  • Profit after income tax stable at €139 million
  • Lower energy prices; revenue falls to €2,076 million
  • €230 million invested in sustainable energy generation and networks

Eneco Group achieves stable financial results in the first half of 2016

The sustainable energy company Eneco Group recorded satisfactory results for the first six months of 2016. Profit after income tax was €139 million, slightly less than the €144 million made by the company in the same period last year. The grid operator (Stedin) and the energy company (Eneco) contributed more or less equally to the result. Revenue fell to €2,076 million (first half of 2015: €2,363 million), mainly as a result of lower prices for electricity and gas.

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