Construction Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm to commence

Construction of the 22 wind turbines that together will form Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm has started. The first monopiles will be transported to the beach of the Maasvlakte industrial area in May, where they will be installed using offshore techniques. They will provide a strong foundation for the turbines that are going to be erected on the beach. At the same time, construction will start on the foundations of the turbines that will be placed on the dike.

Preparatory construction works such as dune access points and temporary roads started in February. The first crane locations are now ready for use and the work area is ready to start construction of the turbines. An offshore technique will be used for the turbines that will be placed on the beach in the form of monopile foundations. Applying this technique on land is a first. Using this innovative construction method is necessary in order to create a sufficiently solid base for the wind turbines that will be located on the beach.

When the wind farm will be put into operation in 2023, it will produce 416 GWh of electricity per year. This will be used to make the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Works energy neutral from then on.

Environmental fund
In addition to the construction of Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm, we also wish to stimulate nature, the quality of life and economic activity in the vicinity. To this end, Eneco has established an environmental fund that can be used for projects such as nature protection, nature development, recreation or increasing the sustainability of regional businesses. Suitable local initiatives will be identified in consultation with stakeholders in the area.