Buffer tanks installed at the Groenoord heat station in Schiedam

Eneco is building a new heat station for the heat network in the Groenoord district in the municipality of Schiedam. Two large buffer tanks form part of this new station. On Thursday morning, 6 April, these tanks arrived at their location after a special transport due to the dimensions of the tanks, which are four and a half metres in diameter and ten metres long.

During the night the buffer tanks arrived in Schiedam. From the motorway exit to the construction site of the heat station, the transport had to move at walking pace in some places. After arrival, the buffer tanks were hoisted into place in the future heat station with two cranes. In the coming period, the walls of the building will be erected around the buffer tanks.

Efficient use of heat
The buffer tanks are an important part of the heat station in terms of using the heat as efficiently as possible. Hot water is stored in the tanks at times when there is a lower demand for heat. This means that during peaks in heat demand, for example in the morning or early evening, heat is readily available and no additional heat production is required. The buffer tanks also provide reserve capacity, so that heat is always available. This means that the heat supply in Groenoord will be efficient and stable.

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