2030 is next year: urgent climate plea to politicians

Coalition of companies presents plea for acceleration of climate policy to negotiators Remkes and Koolmees

A Climate Coalition of companies in which Eneco participates has together with the Dutch Association for Sustainable Energy (NVDE) presented a plea to negotiators Johan Remkes and Wouter Koolmees (i.e. the cabinet negotiation team). The coalition pleads for a radical acceleration of the decision-making process, to ensure that large CO2 reduction measures are realised in time and to keep the 2030 climate target in sight.

The plea outlines the (policy) decisions that need to be taken in the next two years to keep the Netherlands on the 1.50C emission path.

Eneco is the initiator of the plea and together with the NVDE it has led the formation of the Climate Coalition. Eneco is taking a stand because urgent decisions are needed to keep the Netherlands on the 1.50C emission path. The policy decisions presented in the plea contribute to the realisation of Eneco's climate ambition. Moreover, it shows in concrete terms how the Netherlands can meet the requirements that will be discussed at the international climate summit in Glasgow in the next two weeks.

Read the full plea here (in Dutch).