• • Eneco announces open API for Toon thermostat
  • • Toon can be used to control Philips Hue lighting

100,000 Toon smart thermostat users by end of this year


By the end of this year, 100,000 Toon thermostats will have been sold in the Netherlands. Since the introduction of the market leading smart thermostat in 2012, new functionality was added, including remote control of the thermostat. But that was just the beginning.

Today, Eneco announces the link between the products Toon and Philips Hue, that will enable users to control the settings of Philips’ innovative LED-lighting system from their smartphone or tablet. Toon is the only thermostat in the Netherlands that will soon include functionality to control the Philips Hue system either by means of the wall mounted thermostat, the Toon application on their tablet or remotely. The wall mounted Toon thermostat is a handy standard point from which users can control the Hue lighting system in their home.

Open API
Until now, Eneco has developed new functionality for Toon exclusively in collaboration with its Dutch partners Quby and Prodrive Technologies. Eneco shall now launch several co-creation initiatives that will enable developers, designers and customers to share and develop ideas for Toon. To make it easier for these parties to develop apps for Toon, Eneco shall make the API for the smart thermostat open for everyone.


Erik van Engelen, Commercial Director Eneco
Toon is the European market leader in the field of smart thermostats. From the perspective of developers, it is interesting to create apps or links with other products for a device that is used by so many people.
Erik van Engelen, Commercial Director Eneco

Ten percent reduction in energy consumption
There is a direct link between the energy contract of a household and the Toon thermostat, which displays the current supply tariffs for that household. Through a link with Eneco, the difference between actual consumption and consumption estimated by Eneco is also displayed. This prevents surprises on the annual energy bill. Analysis of the annual bills demonstrates that energy consumption of Toon users has reduced by some ten percent. To gain even more insight into their energy consumption, more than half the users of the Toon thermostat compare their consumption with that of others, such as Toon users with similar profiles or friends. This functionality was added earlier this year. Household energy consumption data is only supplied after permission is obtained, is carefully protected by Eneco and is not used for commercial purposes.

Smart Plugs measure energy consumption per device
Toon Smart Plugs offer users the possibility to obtain clear insight into the energy consumption and costs per device or group of devices. They can be used to identify standby consumption and to switch devices on or off from any location in the home. Toon Smart Plugs have a modern design and are easy to use; a coloured LED-ring indicates that electricity is used and changes colour depending on the amount of energy consumed.

New possibilities
Toon is developing into a central system that helps households to consume energy as effectively as possible in a comfortable manner. New possibilities may include automatic burglar of fire alarm functionality, lighting that automatically switches off when people leave the room or monitoring air quality in baby rooms. Partnerships will be formed with parties that are active in areas such as these.