Zowiezon project helps dozens of schools with swift installation of solar roofs

The start of summer time also marks the start of Zowiezon: a partnership between Eneco and the Schooldakrevolutie Foundation that will support schools by handling all the work associated with the installation of their solar roofs. The first 150 solar panels on the roof of the Koningin Wilhelmina school in Hardinxveld-Giessendam coming on stream on 26 March, will be a festive event. In special lessons, the pupils at this school will also learn about the clean energy that is going to be generated above their heads.

Its mission, everyone’s sustainable energy, reflects Eneco’s ambition to provide sustainable energy for everyone and to support everyone who wants to generate their own energy. For quite some years, the Schooldakrevolutie Foundation has been offering school boards free, independent advice on the topic of sustainability. The joint Zowiezon project is now making project managers available at no charge, who will be handling the actual installation of solar roofs. The plan is to accelerate the energy transition in the education sector by providing this support to some 50 schools this year. Zowiezon will enable around 14,000 pupils to make the transition to and learn about solar energy. Schools who are interested in participating can register here.

Lessons on sustainable energy
In addition to support with the installation of a solar roof, participating schools will also receive a Zowiezon toolbox. This toolbox not only brings the topic of sustainability to life within the classroom, but also lets the pupils and their teachers and parents celebrate the increased sustainability of their school together, thus involving everybody in and around the school in the solar roof project in a positive and in-depth manner. If requested by the school, Eneco can provide energy experts to teach lessons on sustainable energy.

Director of the Schooldakrevolutie Foundation Niels van der Sandt:
“Nowadays, school boards perform a range of social tasks. Zowiezon allows them to continue to focus entirely on education, while also meeting their obligations in the area of sustainability. Together with Eneco, we are now able to also help schools free of charge with the implementation of solar roof projects. This is why we are so pleased with Zowiezon: it allows us to realise the school roof revolution to which the name of our foundation refers even more swiftly!”

Eneco CEO As Tempelman:
“The energy transition is in full swing and I would personally like to see things moving even faster. Preserving a liveable earth and passing it on to future generations; that’s what it's all about. An important aspect of this, is to create the required awareness at an early age. Eneco is pleased to contribute to this in the form of Zowiezon. Schools transitioning to and pupils being taught about the solar energy that is being generated on their own school roof is a splendid initiative of the Schooldakrevolutie Foundation .”

Schooldakrevolutie Foundation
The aim of the Schooldakrevolutie Foundation is for all the schools in the Netherlands to transition to and all the pupils to learn about solar energy. Schools with solar roofs contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition and teach new generations the value of sustainability. The Schooldakrevolutie Foundation strives to have solar panels installed on all of the more than 6000 school roofs in the Netherlands as soon as possible and to ensure that children learn about solar energy early on. The foundation has been the driving force behind this sunny revolution since 2015 by bringing parties together and encouraging schools to accelerate the energy transition.

Eneco’s central role in society as a sustainable energy company is reflected in its mission ‘everyone’s sustainable energy’. In a sustainable world, everyone participates. In view of its social commitment, Eneco is pleased to be able to support schools in becoming more sustainable. Over the years, the focus of Eneco’s social sponsoring has been to inspire the younger generation by providing education on sustainability. With energy lessons, energy games, the Eneco EnergieLab and information for pupil presentations, Eneco teaches young people about sustainable energy in a fun way. Eneco is investing in the Zowiezon project together with Mitsubishi Corporation.