Ypenburg district is working on a carbon-neutral heat network

The objective of local residents’ initiative Hernieuwbare Warmte Ypenburg (HWY) [Renewable Heat Ypenburg] is to ensure that the heat supply in the Ypenburg district will be affordable as well as carbon neutral. The current heat network, which crosses municipal boundaries, must be adapted to become more sustainable. In order to streamline the efforts aimed at increasing the sustainability of the heat network, a partnership agreement was signed today by HWY, the municipality of The Hague, the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp and Eneco.

The Ypenburg district situated on the boundary between The Hague and Nootdorp was constructed in the period 1997 - 2000 and has a natural gas-based heat network. At the time, this was an energy-efficient solution that saved a lot of carbon emissions compared with having a central heating boiler in each separate house. Since then, options have become available that make it possible to create a fully carbon-neutral energy supply.

Based on the partnership agreement, the two municipalities, Eneco and the residents concerned will proceed to investigate together which type of sustainable heat source will be a viable option for Ypenburg’s heat network. When this source has been identified, work will start to make it available and link it to the heat network.

Frank Lentz, chair HWY: “This partnership crosses the boundaries between the city and the region as a whole and brings the stakeholders together. This results in consolidation, a wider perspective and surprisingly good solutions.”

Liesbeth van Tongeren, Councillor in charge of Sustainability, Environment and Energy Transition in the municipality of The Hague: “This partnership clearly shows that making the switch to a sustainable heat supply can take place in consultation with the residents of a district. We are investigating the best match between the existing infrastructure and the new opportunities and techniques that have developed. Moving towards an energy-neutral heat supply together, that is what we strive for!”

Frank van Kuppeveld, Councillor in charge of Energy Transition in the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp: “Increasing the sustainability of Eneco’s heat network is a very good and necessary step for the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp. Our aim is that the ‘De Venen’ will be one of the first gas-free districts. This will be achieved in consultation with the residents and at costs that will be equal to or lower than the current charges. By working together we can make good progress.”

Manja Thiry, Director Heat at Eneco: “It is fantastic that the local residents’ initiative HWY is interested in switching to a carbon-neutral heat network. Just like the municipalities of The Hague and Pijnacker-Nootdorp, we are happy to contribute to this transition. Together we will succeed even faster in making the heat supply more sustainable.”