Winners Eneco Luchterduinen Fund in the spotlight

The winners of the fourth round of the Eneco Luchterduinen Fund were announced on 27 May. Of the fifteen nominated initiatives, the jury selected the six ideas that were most in line with Fund’s objectives; ranging from a solar roof to a net-zero energy clubhouse, and from an experience tour to an air bubble screen in the Oude Rijn river.

The winners can now use the money they have won to implement their sustainable plans. Tennis club association WOC in the municipality of Bloemendaal, for example, will use the €5000 they will receive from the Fund to build a net-zero energy clubhouse and tennis courts. The Kennemerduinen Visitors’ Centre association will receive a contribution of €9,000 for the development of an experience tour for children. Petting farm Dierenhoeve in the municipality of Noordwijk will receive €29,750 for the installation of a solar panel roof. Three of the winners were located in the municipality of Katwijk: the Katwijk sea scout group will receive €24,000 for the realisation of a net-zero energy clubhouse, the Royal Dutch Rescue Society KNRM will receive €12,705 for the installation of solar panels on their boathouse and the Coast Busters association will be spending their €10,000 contribution on the realisation of an air bubble screen for capturing litter in the mouth of the Oude Rijn river.

The film portraying all the winners will be published on www.enecoluchterduinenfonds.nl on 1 June.

Selecting the winners
The aim of the Eneco Luchterduinen Fund is to allow residents of the coastal municipalities Noordwijk, Zandvoort, Bloemendaal and Katwijk to make an active contribution to enhancing sustainability and the way in which people experience this coastal region. Every two years, the fund makes €90,000 available for the initiatives that best contribute to this objective.

Remco Streppel of Eneco: “The final decision of the jury was based on the uniqueness and short-term feasibility of the initiatives. The votes of the public jury also weighed in on the selection of the winners.”

About Eneco Luchterduinen wind farm
Eneco Luchterduinen wind farm, located 23 kilometres off coast at Noordwijk and Zandvoort, is an initiative of Mitsubishi Corporation and Eneco. The wind farm has been operational since 2015 and the amount of green electricity generated by its 43 wind turbines corresponds to the electricity consumption of 150,000 households. This is a reduction of CO2 emissions by 275,000 tonnes per year.