Permit for new wind farm off the Dutch coast at Bergen aan Zee

Good realisation prospects in connection with Energy Agreement


Today, Rijkswaterstaat, which is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, announces that it has granted a final permit for wind farm Q4 West. The authorised wind farm will be located 26 kilometres off the Dutch coast, directly behind wind farm Q4, for which Eneco obtained a permit in 2009. Although there are no concrete plans for the realisation of these two wind farms at present, the prospects for making this a profitable investment are good in view of the objectives with respect to offshore wind energy in the Energy Agreement.

Wind farm Q4 West has an area of approximately 21 square kilometres. There is room for 70 wind turbines with a capacity of 3 MegaWatt each that together will generate electricity for around 245,000 households. The granting of this permit is the final step of a big operation of the central government aimed at improving the efficiency and safety of sea lanes. In connection with this, another permit obtained by Eneco in 2009 for a wind farm location off the coast of The Hague was withdrawn. This was then changed to the current location Q4 West, for which the permit is now final.