Smart energy platform lets Eneco manage wind power better

Eneco has signed an agreement with the Delft-based company Peeeks, to manage the energy generated by wind turbines even more efficiently. Peeeks will monitor and manage a significant part of Eneco’s wind portfolio from their smart energy platform. Peeeks produces technology delivering wind power insights efficiently and in real-time. Eneco can use these insights to manage its wind generation even better. Much more will also be possible in the future using the Peeeks technology. Solar farms will also run on the Peeeks platform shortly.

“Thanks to our platform, an energy utility’s portfolio manager has a better ability to synchronise the demand for wind energy and its generation,” explains Wouter Robers, President of Opportunities with Peeeks about his technology. “This fact makes wind energy more attractive commercially.” A portfolio manager has to ensure that the volume of energy generated matches consumption. “Thanks to the Peeeks platform that’s now super-easy, because real-time information and control over the turbines is now combined,” notes Robers. “Peeeks is a major supporter of sustainable energy generation!”

Peeeks will be responsible for installation and continuous monitoring. This will remove all such concerns from the energy utility. “After all, the second wind farm is now operational,” says Lucien Wiegers, Director at Eneco Energy Trading. “Peeeks’ technology can easily be integrated directly into our trading systems without major modifications being needed. That’s what makes the Peeeks solution particularly attractive.”

About Peeeks
Peeeks is a technology company offering solutions for monitoring and managing electrical equipment for customers of electricity firms. The Peeeks team believes that the world’s energy needs can be met from 100% sustainable sources. To achieve this, Peeeks develops flexible solutions to deal with the imbalance between electricity’s production and use. Peeeks was founded by energy technology, energy trade and ICT experts. Focusing on Europe, Peeeks is based in Delft in the Netherlands. http://www.peeekspower.com/