Smart energy grid for Binckhorst district

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In the Binckhorst district of The Hague, project developer VORM and Eneco are constructing the first part of a data-driven smart thermal grid: Eneco BinckNet®. Thanks to a mix of local sources combined with knowledge from consumption data, it is possible to heat and cool new and existing homes and commercial real estate in a more sustainable manner. Energy storage also takes place locally. This unique project accelerates the energy transition for new construction as well as existing buildings and brings The Hague another step closer to becoming more sustainable. 

BinckNet: a smart energy grid
The Binckhorst district will become more sustainable from 2024 thanks to a smart network for heating and cooling. The ‘smartness’ of the BinckNet grid lies in the fact that optimal use is being made of various local energy sources in line with end-user demand for heating and cooling. This can be done more efficiently by using the available consumption data. The BinckNet grid will be expanded flexibly in line with the rate at which the homes will be built and will ultimately interconnect all the buildings in this city district. The energy needed in the area will be generated and stored locally thermal energy storage (TES) and heat pumps. In addition, BinckNet offers the possibility of connecting future local sources. Existing homes, businesses and facilities will also be supplied with more sustainable heat and cold from BinckNet in the future, without the need for major changes. This will result in the supply of affordable and locally generated energy to provide a comfortable indoor climate: heating in winter and cooling in summer. 

Cooperation between VORM and Eneco
Project developer VORM and Eneco start with three new construction projects: Binck Blocks, Binck City Park and One Milky Way. This is the first step that will form the basis for the BinckNet grid. BinckNet will supply heating and cooling for all of the first 1,500 homes. Every time new homes will be completed, BinckNet can be expanded further. Hans Meurs, Managing Director of VORM, and Kees Jan Rameau, member of Eneco’s Management Board, signed an agreement to this effect on 10 June 2021. 

Kees Jan Rameau: “It is marvellous that we will be providing heating and cooling to new and existing buildings in the Binckhorst district in an innovative manner together with VORM. Smart and optimal use of various energy sources allows us to create a reliable system and supply affordable energy to residents and businesses in the Binckhorst district. With this new thermal grid, The Hague is taking a major step in the energy transition and showing other cities how they too can increase sustainability in a smart, reliable and affordable manner.” 

Hans Meurs: “The ambition of the municipality of The Hague concerning climate-neutral development, with due regard for affordability and comfort, is what binds us. The energy that we and the partners that we collaborate with have put into this project together, has resulted in the radical energy shift that we will sign up for today. A step towards accelerating the energy transition that is both innovative and concrete.” 

Start during summer of 2021
Realisation of the three projects, which includes the construction of Eneco BinckNet®, starts in the period from August to November 2021. Binck Blocks, Binck City Park and One Milky Way are expected to be connected to BinckNet in 2024.