Residents Hoeksche Waard can share in the profit from Hogezandse Polder Wind Farm

People living in the vicinity of the Hogezandse Polder Wind Farm as well as other residents of the municipality of Hoekse Waard will be able to share in the profit of the wind farm by participating in Eneco WindOpbrengst [Eneco Wind Profit]. The possibility to invest in the wind farm will first be offered to residents of the municipality of Hoekse Waard. If they take advantage of this opportunity, they will earn a return of 2.5%. The return for other investors will be 2%. Together with the investors, Eneco aims to contribute to the sustainable future of this region and the Netherlands as a whole.

Hogezandse Polder Wind Farm
It is the ambition of the municipality of Hoekse Waard to be climate neutral by 2040. In connection with this goal, Eneco constructed Hogezandse Polder. This wind farm with a capacity of more than 30 megawatt is located in the village of Numansdorp, along the Hollands Diep waterway and diagonally across from the Moerdijk industrial area. Its nine wind turbines started generating 107 GWh of green electricity per year in March 2019, the equivalent of sufficient renewable energy for 31,000 households. The generated power is supplied to the public electricity grid.

In line with the agreements that have been made with the municipality of Hoekse Waard, Eneco offers local residents the opportunity to share in the profit made by Hogezandse Polder Wind Farm.

“It is the ambition of the municipality of Hoeksche Waard to be fully climate neutral by 2040”, says alderman Piet van Leenen. “This means that we put the bar higher than the central government, which strives to be climate neutral in 2050. Generating renewable energy from sources such as wind or sunshine is necessary in order to achieve this objective, to which this wind farm also contributes significantly. Furthermore, we find it important that people living in the immediate vicinity can share in the profit of projects such as this one.”

Eneco Windopbrengst®
Eneco Windopbrengst is a participation concept that gives local residents and interested parties the opportunity to share in the profits of a wind farm. Via Ecco Nova, a crowdfunding platform for sustainable investment, interested parties can purchase and manage WindOpbrengst loan shares. The minimum investment amount is just €50. Each year, one fifth of their invested amount is paid back to participants together with the fixed return for a period of five years. More information on the benefits and risks of this project are available on Ecco Nova’s website. Ecco Nova has obtained dispensation from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to conduct this type of activities.