Renewable Factory and Eneco commission Oude Maas wind farm

On 20 October Renewable Factory (REF) and Eneco commissioned Oude Maas wind farm. The wind farm consists of five wind turbines, three of which belonging to REF and two to Eneco, with a combined installed capacity of 17.55 MW. The turbines are capable of generating around 67,000 MWh per year, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of some 24,000 households.

Construction of the wind farm started in 2021 and took more than one and a half year to complete. Originally, the wind farm was supposed to be operational before the summer, but construction was delayed due to storm Eunice at the beginning of this year. The hacking incident at wind turbine manufacturer Nordex caused further delay because the wind turbines could not be connected to the manufacturer's network. With the wind turbines now up and running, the wind farm can start to contribute to the climate goals of the Municipality of Hoeksche Waard and its ambition to be climate neutral by 2050.

Noise measurement
Noise measurements in the area were started at the end of June 2022, before the wind turbines were operational. New measurements started on 8 September when all turbines had come on stream. The results of this measurement run will be presented at a meeting with local residents in early 2023.

Issue of bonds
From January 2023, local residents will also be able to invest in the wind farm in the form of bonds.