Japanese Ambassador visits Eneco

The Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands visited Eneco today, accompanied by his wife Mrs. Sabine Hornouchi and Mr. Wataru Kikkawa, First Secretary at the economic section of the embassy. The delegation was shown around by Mr. Hiroshi Sakuma, Eneco’s Chief Cooperation and International Officer, and his colleague Mr. Kentaro Fukuhara.

The party visited the onshore windfarm Nieuwe Waterweg, which included a tour inside one of the towers. The second part of the visit took place at Eneco Headquarters in Rotterdam, where they also met with Eneco’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. As Tempelman.

Tempelman says: ”We were delighted to welcome the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Hidehisa Horinouchi, his wife Mrs. Horinouchi and Mr. Kikkawa. We have always maintained good en fruitful relations with Japanese companies. Naturally, these ties were strengthened when Mitsubishi Corporation and Chubu Electric Power became our esteemed Japanese shareholders. The visit of the Ambassador underlines the value of these bonds.”