Heat network connection for more than 800 homes in Amstelveen

Energy company Eneco and housing association Eigen Haard want to give hundreds of households in Amstelveen the chance to become natural gas-free in the coming years. They have signed a contract to connect 835 homes to Eneco's existing heat network.

Residents of a number of residential buildings in the northern part of Amstelveen will receive an offer to connect to the heat network in 2023. If they agree, connecting will start in 2024. Besides connecting them to the heat network, the housing association will help residents switch to electric cooking, eliminating the gas connection altogether.

Affordable and sustainable

“We want our tenants to be able to live affordably,” says Marnix Wentink, strategic advisor to Eigen Haard. “At the same time, sustainable heating is becoming increasingly important. In this context, we want safe and reliable technology for our residents. There is already an existing Eneco heat network near the homes. Connecting to this heat network is therefore the most logical choice. We will explain this plan in detail to our tenants and discuss it with them in the coming period. Our residents need to know clearly where they stand.”

Connecting to existing heat network

“Eneco is taking concrete steps to make Amstelveen more sustainable,” says Manja Thiry, director of heat at Eneco. 'We are therefore pleased to have worked out a good solution with Eigen Haard for their tenants, to connect nearby homes to our existing heat network in the coming years. Together with Eigen Haard and the municipality of Amstelveen, we will also ensure that this will happen with the least possible inconvenience to the residents and people living nearby.” Eneco is further investigating with the municipality, Eigen Haard and other building owners how more homes and buildings can be connected to the heat network. “For some neighbourhoods in Amstelveen North, we expect to be able to provide more clarity on that later this year.”

Energy transition Amstelveen

“We are delighted that Eneco can connect so many Eigen Haard homes to the heat network,” says Floor Gordon, alderman for sustainability. “It is an important step in the local energy transition. The location of the houses in relation to the existing heat network is favourable. This offers tenants the chance of a gas-free and sustainable home.”

Heat network benefits

With a connection to the heat network and electric cooking, the houses are ready for the future. Heating with heat is already more sustainable than heating with natural gas. It results in a 39% reduction in CO2. Eneco is working to make its heat network even more sustainable and aims to be climate-neutral by 2035. Residents no longer have a central heating boiler in their homes after connecting to heat. This makes the home a little safer and residents no longer have to worry about equipment maintenance.