First spot cargo LNG for Eneco

The LNG tanker “LNG Port Harcourt” has arrived in the morning of July 11, 2012 at the Gate terminal in Rotterdam Europoort  to deliver LNG to Eneco. This is the first cargo that Eneco has contracted on the short term spot market and is the second cargo that Eneco receives in 2012. Upon arrival, the ship has started to pump its LNG into the storage tanks of the Gate terminal – in the coming weeks the LNG will be regasified and be fed into the national gas grid for the Eneco customer portfolio. The LNG cargo can supply 40,000 residential customers during a full year. The tanker will leave the port of Rotterdam on July 12.

Eneco is active on the short and long term global LNG markets. Eneco considers LNG as a valuable addition to its diversified gas portfolio. LNG in the gas portfolio enhances the short and long term security of supply of gas and electricity towards Eneco’s customers.

This cargo was contracted as ‘spot cargo’ from Shell. ‘Spot cargoes’ are contracted at short notice, i.e. for (relatively) prompt delivery and are normally not part of long term sales and purchase portfolios.
Eneco has contracted terminal capacity with Gate. This capacity enables Eneco to feed on an annual basis 1 billion m3 of gas into the Dutch grid. With the LNG aboard LNG Port Harcourt, who was loaded in Nigeria, Eneco can supply 40,000 residential customers during a year.

The Gate terminal is the first and only LNG receiving and regasification terminal in the Netherlands. The terminal, with an annual throughput of 12 billion meters of gas, is connected to the Dutch gas grid and hence with the various gas networks of neighbouring countries.

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