First 3000 Toon thermostats installed

100 trained technicians


Eneco has started the rollout of Toon, the innovative thermostat that provides customers clear insight into their energy consumption. About 100 technicians have been trained to install the first 3000 Toon thermostats. After the summer, production will be significantly increased. Tens of thousands of customers have already signed up for Toon.

474 different electricity meters
The first actual Toon thermostat is a milestone for  Eneco. Never before has the energy company developed a physical product. During the past two years, a large team of experts has put a lot of effort into the design, the software and the hardware of the interactive wall display. Toon was successfully tested with 113 different gas meters and 474 different electricity meters.

Five certifications have been obtained, including the CE mark, OpenTherm certification and – as the first in the market - a KIWA certificate for the operation of the thermostat. After the presentation of Toon early this year, several tests were conducted at the homes of groups of customers. Two-thirds of the testers indicated that they would recommend Toon to others.

Insight leads to energy saving
Toon is a thermostat that, in addition to controlling the temperature, provides real-time insight into energy consumption and costs directly on the display. The consumer is in charge, which makes saving energy easy. Toon fits perfectly into Eneco's sustainability strategy to work towards a sustainable future together with its customers. What makes the Toon thermostat special are the Live Updates, representing the live connection with Eneco resulting in personalised information on the display. With clear graphs and bar charts, Toon shows exactly how much gas and electricity is being used at a specific moment and how this consumption relates to the consumption over the past days, weeks or months. Consumption is also displayed in euro's, based on the personal energy rates. The Toon thermostat has a user-friendly touchscreen and also displays current weather and traffic information. Eneco expects to add additional services before the end of this year, such as remote control via mobile phone.

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