Energy Hub The Hague ready for even more sustainable heat

More and more, the site of the power plant at De Constant Rebecqueplein square in The Hague is becoming a central node for energy sources. Uniper's Energy Hub in The Hague brings together innovative sustainable solutions and existing technologies. The hub offers room to all kinds of new sources and developments that make The Hague's heat system increasingly sustainable.

This week the Energy Hub will reach a new milestone: Uniper is making it possible for a station to be built on the site for the transfer of residual heat from the port of Rotterdam. This heat will be transported to The Hague by Gasunie's WarmtelinQ distribution network.

Even more sustainable residual heat in the heat network
In addition to the use of the residual heat that is the by-product of Uniper’s electricity production process, in a few years' time residual heat from the port of Rotterdam can also be fed into the heat network in The Hague. The step that is now being taken by Uniper ensures that the residual heat will be fed into Eneco's heat network in a reliable manner. The residual heat generated by Uniper is already being used in this heat network.

Security of a warm home
The residual heat generated by Uniper guarantees the continued supply of heat to households that are connected to Eneco's heat network. At what point in time the heat transfer station will actually be put into operation depends on when the WarmtelinQ connection will be completed.

Carbon neutral
The addition of more residual heat is a logical step for Uniper and Eneco. Both companies already announced at an earlier stage their ambition to be operating on a carbon-neutral basis by 2035. This new development is a good step in that direction.