Energy costs charged by Eneco to increase by 17.50 euro per month on average

From January 2022, the costs of gas and electricity for Eneco customers with a Variabel Vrij contract (a contract with a variable tariff and an indefinite term) are going to increase by 17.50 euro (based on average consumption levels) compared with July 2021. This amount is inclusive of the government compensation scheme. Customers to whom this new tariff will apply as of January will shortly be informed about this personally.

In principle, the tariff paid by customers with a Variabel Vrij contract is adjusted once a year in the same month that the contract came into effect. In January 2022, a new tariff will therefore apply for 10% of the Variabel Vrij customers. From that moment, they will be paying 0.259 euro per kWh of electricity and 1.249 euro per cubic metre of gas. Based on average annual consumption levels of 1,200 cubic metres of gas and 2,250 kilowatt hour of electricity, this amounts to an increase of 17.50 euro per month compared with July 2021. Compared with the tariffs of January 2021, the increase amounts to 28 euro per month on average.

Government scheme
Internationally, prices for electricity and gas have gone up sharply in recent months. The high demand for gas and its limited availability in Europe have led to rising prices. The government has decided to partially compensate for this increase. For average annual consumption levels, this compensation will amount to approximately 423 euro on an annual basis.

Variabel Vrij tariff
Customers with a Variabel Vrij contract form the largest group at Eneco. For these customers, each year, in the same month in which the contract was entered into, new tariffs come into effect for the following year. Customers are informed about this several weeks in advance.