Eneco’s variable energy tariffs below price ceiling in May

The gas and electricity tariffs set by Eneco for May for Variabel Vrij contracts (contracts with a variable tariff and an indefinite term) are below the price ceiling. Customers who will be paying new variable tariffs as of May will be paying € 1.33408 per m3 for gas and € 0.35658 per kWh for electricity, inclusive of energy tax and 21% VAT. This means that the energy costs of these customers will go down by some 55%.

Four months after the price ceiling was introduced, the variable tariffs for both gas and electricity are now below the ceiling. This means that it will no longer be necessary for the government to pay a contribution for customers for whom the new tariffs will apply and who will be paying these new, lower rates for their energy consumption as of May. 

Downward trend continues
The prices for consumers have steadily been going down for the past six months. This is a further reduction of the energy tariff (inclusive of energy tax and VAT) for customers with a Variabel Vrij contract.

Variabele tarieven jan-mei 2023 EN

The variable tariff for May will apply for approximately one-third of the customers with a variable contract. Customers will receive the tariff information 30 days ahead of the date on which the new tariff becomes effective.

*The tariffs for this group of customers currently are € 2.41157 per m3 for gas and € 0.63656 per kWh for electricity.