Eneco's response to ACM's consumer price survey

We are pleased that independent regulator ACM confirms that pricing on the energy market is transparent and follows all rules. Eneco does not make excess profits, ACM has established, we do not earn too much. Existing differences in consumer prices on the energy markets are easily explained, as is the higher price of the so-called model contract. With this investigation, ACM provides clarity for everyone.

ACM confirms that Eneco had to charge higher energy prices last year because wholesale prices rose sharply, mainly as a result of the war in Ukraine. Fortunately, those prices are now lower and Eneco has also been able to incorporate this into its tariffs in recent months. We have also started offering permanent contracts again and we expect those offers to be expanded soon.

However, we realize that prices are far from being back to their 'old' level and that this is difficult for many people. We therefore continue to support people in energy poverty, including through the Emergency Fund for Energy, the Schuldhulproute and our own measures.

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