Eneco will reuse, recycle and repower the Landtong Rozenburg wind farm

Eneco will be making a start with the replacement of the ten oldest wind turbines of the Landtong Rozenburg wind farm with nine more efficient ones. The old turbines will be reused locally where possible. Furthermore, it is the first time that the composite of which the rotor blades consist will be recycled to be used as a raw material in concrete manufacturing, allowing Eneco to process old wind turbines in an even more sustainable manner.

At present, the Landtong Rozenburg wind farm consists of twelve turbines, the first ten of which were installed in 2007 (15 MW) and the other two in 2015, and has a total capacity of 21 MW. The removal of the ten turbines that were installed in 2007 will start mid-March. In order to limit the environmental impact of this project, the various materials will be reused locally as much as possible. The foundations of the turbines will be used on location for roads and crane installation sites. For the most part, the actual turbines will be shredded locally. This is the first time that Eneco will also have the old rotor blades recycled partially. The composite in the rotor blades will be recycled to produce concrete that can then be used to make products such as concrete clinkers.

When the installation of the nine new turbines is completed, the Landtong Rozenburg wind farm will have an installed capacity of 34 MW with which it is able to generate more than 117 GWh of electricity. This corresponds to the average annual power consumption of 43,000 households. The new wind farm will also be also used to provide shore-side electricity, initially for the ships of marine contractor Heerema. When these ship dock at the port of Rotterdam, they will be using a shore-side electricity installation that will allow them to power all their on-board appliances in a clean and sustainable manner. By repowering the Landtong Rozenburg wind farm, Eneco is taking a next step in increasing the sustainability of the port of Rotterdam.