Eneco variable tariff goes down

Eneco customers who get a new ‘variabel vrij’ tariff in January 2023 will pay over 12% less per month for their energy. The tariff for gas and electricity will go down for these customers despite the increase in VAT. Combined with the introduction of the price cap, their energy bills will be even lower.

Eneco sets a new tariff every month for its customers with a ‘Variabel Vrij’ contract, which then remains the same for three months, in principle. For January, the tariff for gas will be €2.99404 per cubic metre and for electricity €0.68677 per kWh. This includes current energy taxes and 21% VAT instead of 9% VAT in 2022. Eneco purchases energy for this group of customers up to shortly before the moment of tariff setting, allowing us to move with the current, decreasing international energy market. Eneco is therefore able to pass on a price benefit to our customers for the third month in a row.

The price cap, set by the government in cooperation with energy companies, will ensure that customers get even cheaper gas and electricity in the new year. About two-thirds of Eneco's customers remain below the consumption limits (1,200 m3 of gas and 2,900 kWh of electricity). The new tariffs only apply to consumption above these limits.

It has been noticeable in recent months that many people have been making an extra effort to save energy. With saving tips we support our customers. At the same time, saving more on energy is certainly not possible for everyone. This can also cause financial concerns. In such cases, we try to look at possible solutions together with the customer. This could involve assistance through Geldfit or the Schuldhulproute, for example, or making payment arrangements with Eneco.

The new tariff will apply to about a third of customers on variable contracts. Customers receive the tariff information 30 days before the date on which the new tariff takes effect.