Eneco to take over customers from Welkom Energie, which is in financial distress

On 1 November 2021, Eneco will be taking over Welkom Energie’s customer base. Welkom Energie ran into financial difficulties due to the current high prices for gas and electricity on the energy markets and has requested the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) to revoke its gas and electricity supply permits because it is no longer able to meet the supply permit obligations. Having considered the request, the ACM revoked Welkom Energie’s supply permits on 26 October.

For Welkom Energie’s customers, the takeover by Eneco means that they are offered security of supply given the current market conditions, and a swift and problem-free transfer.

It was clear that Welkom Energie was no longer able to guarantee security of supply for the coming winter. Last winter was colder than usual, which meant that the consumption volume that Welkom Energie needed to pre-finance was higher than planned. Due to the energy prices exploding unexpectedly Welkom Energie no longer has sufficient capital to pre-finance consumption in the coming winter. Revoking of the supply permit means that existing contracts and terms and conditions will be discontinued. Customers will receive a final bill from Welkom Energie.

On 1 November, Eneco will start to supply energy to all Welkom Energie’s customers Given the changing market and significantly higher than usual purchase prices, it is likely that this offer will be higher than their old contract.

Customers will be free to switch to another supplier after a period of 30 days (from 1 November).

Welkom Energie has informed all its customers today.