Eneco signs contract with Van Gansewinkel Groep for supply of district heating in the Rotterdam region

CO2 emissions in Rotterdam region reduced by 95,000 tons


Vanaf oktober 2014 gaat Eneco restwarmte afnemen van de afvalenergiecentrale AVR, onderdeel van de Van As of October 2014, Eneco will purchase residual heat from the AVR energy from waste plant, which is part of the company Van Gansewinkel Groep and located in Rozenburg. The contract, on the basis of which residual heat will become available for the heating of 95,000 households/household equivalents in the municipalities Vlaardingen, Schiedam and Rotterdam, will be signed today by the managements of Eneco and AVR. The effective use of the residual heat can result in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 95 kiloton per year. This forms a substantial contribution to the plans of the municipalities concerned to reduce the emission of CO2 and fine particles (NOx) in the Rotterdam region.

This initiative is perfectly in line with our transition of waste service provider to supplier of raw materials and energy. Through this cooperation with Eneco, we will supply enough sustainably generated heat from our energy from waste plant in Rozenburg to meet the annual consumption of nearly 150,000 households. This is a milestone; it increases the sustainability of the energy consumption in and around Rotterdam and enables us to further expand our role of sustainable energy supplier.
Cees van Gent, CEO Van Gansewinkel Group
The cooperation with Van Gansewinkel Groep enables us to supply district heating in the Rotterdam region with less damage to the environment. A good example of how cooperation between a producer and a user of heat leads to an advantage for the whole region!
Jeroen de Haas, CEO Eneco Group
Landkaartje tracé Leding over Noord

The news that the EfG electricity plant in Rotterdam, which provides heat for the Eneco network, will be closed, accelerated Eneco's aim to increase the sustainability of the supply of district heating in and around Rotterdam. Eneco wants to use industrial residual heat from the Rotterdam port area instead, and is pleased to have concluded a contract to this effect with AVR, which converts waste to sustainable heat and energy through combustion in its facility in Rozenburg. By using the residual heat generated by AVR for space heating and hot water for homes and businesses, less natural gas is needed and a reduction of 1,000 kilogram of CO2 emissions per household can be realised. The cooperation with Eneco is in line with the ambition of Van Gansewinkel Groep to make as much residual heat as possible available to Rotterdam and its surroundings in a sustainable manner.

District heating transmission pipeline
For the transmission of the residual heat from AVR, Eneco will install heat distribution pipelines with a total length of 16.8 kilometres that run from Rozenburg, under the Nieuwe Waterweg waterway to Vlaardingen and Schiedam and then to Rotterdam. The preparatory work for this Eneco project with the name 'Northern Pipeline' (‘Leiding over Noord’) commenced mid-2012.

The 'Northern Pipeline' will enable the distribution of district heating to homes and buildings in Vlaardingen and Schiedam. Eneco has contacted developers, housing corporations, health care institutions and homeowner associations to determine where the heat can be used. Vlaardingen and Schiedam do not yet have local district heating networks. These will need to be developed to be able to transport the heat from the new transmission pipeline to the users. In Rotterdam, however, the heat can be distributed to current and new customers through the existing district heating network. There will no changes for Eneco's existing district heating customers, with the exception that the supplied heat will be generated in a significantly more sustainable manner.

In recent months, Eneco has carried out ground research activities on various locations in Vlaardingen, Schiedam and Rotterdam. On the basis of this research, the final route for the new district heating network has been determined.

The municipalities of Vlaardingen and Schiedam and Eneco are in close consultation regarding a cooperation agreement containing the terms and conditions for the construction of the district heating network. Furthermore, Eneco has contacted various interest groups and associations in the vicinity of the new network. In the first quarter of 2013, Eneco will organise open information sessions to inform residents and local businesses about the ' Northern Pipeline' project.

Eneco expects to be able to start construction in the third quarter of 2013, after completion of the consultations with parties concerned and finalisation of the preparatory work.

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