Eneco purchases power from Fryslân wind farm

Contract represents Eneco’s largest power purchase agreement with a Dutch wind farm

Eneco will purchase all of the renewable power generated by Fryslân wind farm, the largest near-shore wind farm in the Netherlands, for a period of fifteen years. Eneco and Fryslân wind farm signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) to that effect on Wednesday 17 July. Fryslân will produce 1,500 GWh of wind power per year. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of 500,000 households. In connection with the aim to use the power within the region where possible, companies and organisations located in the province of Friesland will be offered the possibility to purchase the electricity.

With a production of 1,500 GWh per year this is Eneco’s largest PPA with a Dutch wind farm. For Fryslân wind farm, this contract is the start of a long-term relationship with a sustainable and innovative company on the Dutch market. For Eneco, the cooperation means that it is able to offer electricity generated by Dutch wind farms to an even larger number of business customers and consumers.

Energy transition

According to CEO Eelco de Boer and Project Director Anne de Groot of Fryslân wind farm, Eneco is a fitting business partner for the wind farm.  De Groot emphasises ‘Energy supplier Eneco is an active font runner in the area of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. Eneco works together with consumers and companies to deliver a substantial contribution to the energy transition in our country. De Boer adds: This policy is in line with the ambitions of Fryslân wind farm and those of the province of Friesland, which aims to acquire a minority interest in the wind farm.’

The cooperation with Fryslân wind farm is fully in line with Eneco's strategy says Mark Belloni, director Eneco Energy Trade. ‘This contract enables us to let even more of our customers in Friesland and the rest of the Netherlands make the switch to sustainable energy. By contracting this wind farm, the installed capacity of Eneco's sustainable wind portfolio in the Netherlands increases to approximately 2,200 MW. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of around 2.4 million households.’

Fryslân wind farm

Fryslân wind farm is now being constructed in the IJsselmeer lake at a distance of some six kilometres from the Frisian coast near the Afsluitdijk dike. The wind farm consists of 89 wind turbines with a total capacity of 382.7 MW and will supply around 1,500 GWh of sustainable energy per year as of 2021. Residents in the vicinity of the wind farm will also benefit. Every year, Fryslân wind farm will contribute some €720,000 to a foundation for local projects in the municipality of Súdwest Fryslân.

Negotiations on behalf of Fryslân wind farm regarding the power purchase agreement were carried out by Ventolines, all-round service provider in market for sustainable wind energy.