Eneco investigates new green soccer stadium Nieuwe Kuip

Possible use of River Meuse water and reuse of residual heat new ice rink

The new stadium of the Feijenoord soccer team should become an icon of sustainability. That is why the stadium management has requested Eneco to examine the possibilities. The study will mainly focus on the opportunities in the form of links with the surroundings of the Nieuwe Kuip. The possibilities for increasing the sustainability of the new stadium itself will also be analysed. Eneco will present its findings within a few months.

One of the interesting aspects of the new to be developed area is that heat or cold that is released at one location can be used at other locations within the Stadium Park. In this respect, it is being investigated if the heat that is released by the cooling of the possibly newly to be constructed ice rink within the stadium or elsewhere on the grounds, can be used. Water from the River Meuse might also play a role.Rens Knegt, director Eneco Shared Energy Solutions: “The construction of a sustainable stadium in Rotterdam perfectly fits within our strategy to generate and use energy at a local level: sustainable, decentralised, together. In cooperation with both the customer NV Stadion Feijenoord and reputable installation companies, we will investigate how this can best be achieved. The Nieuwe Kuip stadium offers good opportunities in this area. During the coming months, we will examine the possibilities.

The stadium management first presented its plans for a new stadium to the municipality in September 2009. In the following council meeting, the council decided that both the stadium and the area surrounding the Nieuwe Kuip must have a sustainable setup. Rotterdam wants the entire stadium area to project a high level of sustainability.Stadium director Jan van Merwijk: “The Nieuwe Kuip will be one of the prominent stadiums in Europe. Not just because of the planned seating capacity, but especially due to the unique location and the possibilities that this stadium offers for activities in the area of music and family entertainment. As the Feijenoord family, we are quite willing to take social responsibility, which is clearly demonstrated by the strong focus on sustainability.”Michael van Hulst, programme manager at Eneco and closely involved in the development of several stadiums and arenas: “We have already gained much insight on how stadiums and the surrounding area can be set up in a sustainable manner from visits to a number of stadiums that have been constructed or renovated during recent years and research into the development of new stadium areas. We will incorporate this knowledge and commitment in our advice for the new Nieuwe Kuip stadium. Rotterdam will have an icon of sustainability on the bank of the River Meuse."