Eneco helps HEINEKEN to take a step towards 100% green power

As of January 2022, the Heineken Experience centre, international offices and part of the HEINEKEN breweries in the Netherlands will be provided with 100% green energy. This big step for HEINEKEN in the process of increasing the sustainability of its activities in the Netherlands is achieved by means of the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that have been concluded with wind farm Fryslân via energy company Eneco and wind farm De Rietvelden via energy company Pure Energie. The achievement of the sustainability ambitions of companies such as HEINEKEN are significant milestones in accelerating the energy transition.

HEINEKEN’s breweries in the Netherlands are already partially running on green wind and solar power, some of which is being generated on their own premises. As of January 2022, the brewery in Den Bosch will be running on 100% green power. HEINEKEN’s largest European brewery, which is located in Zoeterwoude, will start to run exclusively on green electricity in 2024, when the cogeneration system will be switched off.

Eneco already supplied an annual quantity of 21,000 MWh of green electricity generated by the Barrepolder wind farm to HEINEKEN. Wind farm Fryslân will be supplying an additional 66,000 MWh. In combination with wind farm De Rietvelden, 95,000 MWh of green electricity will be supplied to HEINEKEN under the new PPAs. Together with the existing supply, HEINEKEN will be using a total of 124,900 MWh of green electricity per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 41,300 households.